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1-5 California

1-5 California

  • Author: Stu Mittleman
  • Date Posted: Sep 30, 2013
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Day 1: 53.3 miles: California:
Started at Solana Beach. It was beautiful weather, mostly getting out of civilization. Much of the day was uphill. We slept in the parking lot of the Julian Pie Co. in San Ysabel.
Route: Solana Beach East to 78, 78 to Julian.

Day 2: 52.4 miles: California:
Started 7.4 miles west of Santa Ysabel. The roads were hilly and mostly downhill, very windy. We slept at Agua Caliente Park.
Route: 78 East to S2 South

Day 3: 52.4 miles: California:
Started in Agua Caliente State Park. In the morning it was 103 degrees with 10% humidity and not a cloud in the sky. The temperature was hot with a headwind. We finished in Calexico.
Route: S2 South to I-8 East

Day 4: 51.8 miles: California:
Started on Heber Avenue in Calexico with a tailwind. It was one hundred degrees plus all day. We hit our first expressway with a newly paved shoulder. The heat was so bad Stu said it was worse than the desert. The land was flat with some rolling hills in Sand Dune National Park. We stayed the night in Winterhaven, CA.
Route: I-8 East

Day 5: 47 miles: California/Arizona:
Traveled left from Winterhaven. It was Greg’s ( Stu’s chiropractor) last night so it was a short day. We crossed into AZ at 7:12 am . It was the hottest May in years with a 72 degree sunrise. It was 100 degrees plus again. The land was flat and we saw the first clouds of the trip. We finished near Tacna, AZ. Route: I-8 East