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45-48 Ohio

45-48 Ohio

  • Author: Stu Mittleman
  • Date Posted: Sep 28, 2013
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Day 44: June 13: Ohio: 53.1 miles:We began the day Greenville, Ohio. The traffic has been heavy today. There is little shoulder on this route and a lot of big trucks that blow Stu’s hat off as they pass. On 36 there was a detour where Stu and his handler Bezzie had to separate to avoid adding miles. It was overcast most of the day with threatening skies in the afternoon but Stu was only caught in one shower. There was a crosswind. It was hot and humid all day with a sort of sauna effect from the rain. We ended the day in Urbana, OH.
Route: Highway 36 East Day 45: June 14: Ohio: 54.1 miles:We began in Urbana, Ohio. The morning was better for weather. However, in the afternoon, there were two severe thunderstorms with high gusty winds. The second one occurred as Stu was running through Columbus, Ohio. He enjoyed running in the rain, describing it as fun and rejuvenating. Road conditions were mostly good. There were three miles of gravel shoulder. There were side walks to run on along Broad Street in Columbus. We ended on the East side of Columbus.
Route. Route 29 to Highway 40 East

Day 46: June 15: Ohio: 52.3 miles:We began the day east of Columbus, Ohio. The skies were overcast and threatening. We got some afternoon showers with a lot of thunder but no really bad weather. Once again it was very humid but not quite as hot. Highway 40 is a four lane divided highway with a wide shoulder, about four feet. Today there were some hills. We ended the day east of Zanesville, OH.

Route: Highway 40 East

Day 47: June 16: Ohio: 51 miles:We began the day in Zanesville, Ohio. Once we got off Highway 40 the roads were narrow with no shoulder and grueling hills. They were beginning to hit the mountains. The skies were overcast and threatening all day until the evening brought severe thunderstorms. We finished the day in Bethesda, Ohio.

Route: Highway 40 to SR 265 to SR 147

Day 48: June 17: Ohio/Pennsylvania: 53 miles:We began the day in Bethesda, Ohio. It was an overcast morning with cooler temperatures. The afternoon was perfect for running. There were cool temperatures, mist and a few afternoon rain storms. The scenery was beautiful along the road that ran through the Pennsylvania mountains. There were severe hills and little shoulders. We ended the day in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Route: SR 147 to SR149 to Highway 40 East