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37-40 Illinois

37-40 Illinois

  • Author: Stu Mittleman
  • Date Posted: Sep 28, 2013
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Day 37: June 6: Illinois: 53.1 miles:We began in Quincy, IL. The morning was cool with temperatures in the high 40’s. The afternoon was mild and sunny with some wispy clouds. The road conditions were pretty bad. There was only a 9″ shoulder that dropped off into a gravel run off. In the evening the shoulder increased to about two feet but only for three miles. We ended on the turnoff to Ray, IL.

Route: Highway 24  
Day 38: June 7: Illinois: 53.2 miles:We began near Ray, Illinois. Highway 24 had an eight inch shoulder. Highway 136 had a flat asphalt one foot shoulder and a lot less traffic. It was sunny with a light breeze and mild temperatures. We ended for the night just east of San Jose.
Route: Highway 24 to Highway 136 East

 Day 39: June 8: Illinois: 52.4 miles:We began just east of San Jose, IL. The shoulder widened in the middle of the day. It was the best shoulder in the last few days. It was a sunny day with a southerly breeze from behind. The temperature was warm but comfortable. Stu ran over 2,000 miles today! We ended on Highway 136 just west of Fisher, IL.
Route: Highway 136 East

Day 40: June 9: Illinois: 55 miles:We started six miles west of Fisher, Illinois at the intersection of 136 and 54. The day was hot and humid but there were good running conditions. It was sunny with a breeze. The shoulder varied through out the day but it was a great improvement from the last couple days. As the day went on and we moved onto State Road 119 the traffic decreased significantly. We finished the day at the Illinois/Indiana border line.
Route: Highway 136 East to 119