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May 2000

Dear Friends,

I’m proud to inform you that Stu has started his wondrous “Journey Across America,” a crusade for the health and vitality of the next generation: the children. The 3200-mile run began in San Diego May 1st and will conclude in New York City in the middle of July. Approximately 500 children and many dignitaries will complete the last few miles of the run with Stu, along with a tremendous amount of media. You are welcome to join the grand finale. We embrace Stu’s inspiration for us to live a life without limits. His run opens the door allowing us to participate together.

Be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime journey by tracking Stu’s progress & route on Or you may physically join the run for a mile or more when Stu is in your area! Through the “Journey Across America” Stu is living his lifelong dream and passion. He is living proof, and we can live our passion through him by contributing and participating.

Tell at least 5 people about the journey and request their participation. We are asking for your contribution of 1 cent per mile to a dollar or more per mile (of the 3200 mile distance) to enhance the journey. The donations will cover expenses and the rest will go to one of 5 charities for children. For firsthand inspiration, with your donation of $500 or more, we will arrange a 5-minute conversation via satellite hook-up with Stu while he is running across America.

I would like to share the enclosed excerpt of Stu’s journal from the road. (for excerpt click here) Thank you for helping spread the message of health and vitality to the world. To contact us regarding donations to Stu’s journey, call 1-800-913-9266 if you would like to contribute or be involved in any way to this amazing life’s dream. Create a life without limits.


Newsflash! Stu’s book, Slow Burn, published by
Harper Collins, has just been released and
is available at all major book stores.
Unlock the Energy Within!