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49-55 Pennsylvania

49-55 Pennsylvania

  • Author: Stu Mittleman
  • Date Posted: Sep 28, 2013
  • Category:
  • Address: Laurel Hill, Pennsylvania.

Day 48: June 17: Ohio/Pennsylvania: 53 miles:

We began the day in Bethesda, Ohio. It was an overcast morning with cooler temperatures. The afternoon was perfect for running. There were cool temperatures, mist and a few afternoon rain storms. The scenery was beautiful along the road that ran through the Pennsylvania mountains. There were severe hills and little shoulders. We ended the day in Washington, Pennsylvania.
Route: SR 147 to SR149 to Highway 40 East

Day 49: June 18th: Pennsylvania: 53 miles:

We began the day in Washington, Pennsylvania. We are winding through the mountains and are dealing with some very severe inclines. The morning was overcast and misty. In the evening we had three to four hours of heavy downpours. It became cool and the mist and fog returned. We ended the day near Laurel Hill, Pennsylvania.
Route: Highway 40 E to Route 136 to Route 31

Day 50: June 19th: Pennsylvania: 57.1 miles:

We began the day near Laurel Hill, Pennsylvania. The roads go straight up and down the mountains with no switchbacks. There are grades as steep at 13%. Most of the roads have little or no shoulder and seem to go up forever. It was a cool day with morning temperatures in the high forties or low fifties. It was foggy and misty. Good running conditions. We stopped for the night in Bedford, Pennsylvania.
Route: Route 31 to Route 281 to Highway 30

Day 51: June 20th: Pennsylvania: 56 miles:

We began the day in Bedford, Pennsylvania. The day was beautiful. It was sunny and warm. I had four major climbs today. Two of which I did not know about. After the climbs I was back to gentle hills. The day ended quietly in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Route: Highway 30 to SR 234

Day 52: June 21: Pennsylvania: 54 miles:

We started in Chambersburg, PA. There were some hills but not as severe and not as many as the past few days. There was heavy traffic, lots of trucks. The highway was under construction and the shoulder was bad surface with uneven gravel. There was a severe thunderstorm with lots of lightning. We ended in York, PA.
Route: Highway 30 to Route 23

Day 53: June 22: Pennsylvania:

We began in York, PA. The highway wound through the Pennsylvania countryside. We passed through Gettysburg and Amish country. It was fun to see all the buggies and farms. There were some drizzles but no bad storms. We finished the day in Coatesville, PA. Route: Route 234 to Route 340 East.

Day 54: June 23: Pennsylvania: 52.5 miles:

We began the day in Coatesville, PA. The road began with a fairly wide shoulder but then turned into a narrow shoulder that was beveled and uneven. A lot of the day was spent running through cities. The weather was nice. It was warm and sunny. We ran through Valley Forge. It was one of the most beautiful spots on the journey.
Route. Highway 30 to Route 202 East

Day 55: June 25: Pennsylvania/New Jersey: 52.5 miles:

We began the day 6.5miles west of New Hope, PA. The weather was beautiful. Traffic was light. Road conditions were good. He ran through New Brunswick and started getting into very urban areas. He stopped for the night on 27 just West of Elizabeth, NJ.
Route: 202 to 179 to 518 to 27