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33-36 Missouri

33-36 Missouri

  • Author: Stu Mittleman
  • Date Posted: Sep 28, 2013
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Day 32: June 1: Kansas/Missouri: 54.3 miles:We started at Hillsdale, Kansas. It was a day of three H’s: heat, humidity and hills. It was very hot and sticky with a few white puffy clouds. We crossed into Missouri and continued on country roads winding through farms. We ended in Holden, Missouri and camped in a city parking lot. There were thunderstorms all night.
Route: SR 68 East to Route 2 East to 131 North

Day 33: June 2: Missouri: 53.2 miles:
We started in Holden. It was drizzling when we woke up and it stayed cool and cloudy most of the day. This day had the best running conditions so far, regarding the weather. Most of the day there was no shoulder and what there was was very gravely. There were steep rolling hills. They were the most severe hills in the past few days. At the beginning of Route 24, there was a wide asphalt shoulder and it was flat for a few miles. We finished in west of Waverly.

Route: 131 North to Highway 24 East

Day 34: June 3: Missouri: 55miles: We started just West of Waverly. It was a beautiful morning with a cloudless sky and bright sun. We crossed the Missouri River this morning. It was spectacular. The day was mild with pleasant temperatures. There was moderate wind with varying degrees of headwinds. The evening was cool and clear. Stu described it as “What I live for as a runner.” The road was flat with a wide shoulder made up of half cracked asphalt and half gravel. We stopped just past Salisbury.

Route: Highway 24 East 

Day 35: June 4: Missouri: 53.1 miles:We started just past Salisbury. There were threatening skies all day. Finally the thunderstorms hit and about 5:30 Stu had to seek shelter. Following the thunderstorm was a beautiful rainbow. It rained on and off for the rest of the night and temperatures dropped considerably. There was not much wind. The road had a wide shoulder and was accommodating. We stopped for the night in Stoutsville.

Day 36: June 5: Missouri/Illinois: 54.3 miles:We started in Stoutsville, MO. The morning was overcast with blustery head winds. The temperature was I n the 50’s. The road was flat with a wide shoulder. In the afternoon we hit headwinds again and had to climb quite a few steep hills. Then we got back on a divided four-lane highway, which was flat. We crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois on a bridge with no shoulder. Highway 24 into Illinois was the worst road so far. There was hardly any shoulder and it was gravel. We finished in Quincy, IL.

Route: Highway 36 East to County Rd. E North to County Rd. F East to Highway 24