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25-30 Kansas

25-30 Kansas

  • Author: Stu Mittleman
  • Date Posted: Sep 28, 2013
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Day 24: 51.5 miles: Oklahoma/Kansas:The weather called for showers early in the day. The roads were long and straight with lots of steep hills. Stu ran on parallel dirt roads to stay away from traffic. In the afternoon there was a headwind. We crossed into Kansas, our 6th state, at 42 miles. The uphill and headwinds didn’t let up the rest of the day. We finished in Liberal, Kansas.
Route: Highway 54 East

 Day 25: 53.8 Miles: Kansas: The morning brought headwinds and a cloud cover. It was about 20 degrees cooler than the last few days. The headwind turned into a cross-tailwind. At about 6:30pm a tornado watch went into effect. The road was flat. We finished near Minneola, KS and camped there. Route: Highway 54 East Day 26: 50 miles: Kansas:
The morning had no breeze or clouds after a huge lightening storm the night before. It was a beautiful day with a nice tailwind. Some white puffy clouds developed. There were long up and down rolling sections in the roads. We heard another tornado watch. It started to cool off about 7:30 pm. We finished near Brenham, KS.
Route: Highway 54 East

Day 27: 56.2 miles: Kansas:
After the thunderstorm the night before it was another beautiful morning. The elevation was only 1880 feet. By afternoon a crosswind picked up but soon died off. There were some threats of rain. The terrain was level. At 25 miles we tuned to Hwy 61 at Pratt, KS and it was the most beautiful day we’ve had so far. We finished near Arlington, KS.
Route: Highway 54 East to Highway 61

 Day 28: 55 miles: Kansas:Started near Arlington, KS. It warmed up fast in the morning and there were clear skies. The road was a beautiful quiet country road with no hills to speak of. Downtown Newton was beautiful on Memorial Day and we camped East Lake Park with picnickers.
Route: Highway 61 to Highway 50 East

Day 29: 52 miles: Kansas:The temperature was in the 90’s. It was very humid. There was little traffic due to Memorial Day. We traveled the same quiet meandering country roads all day. It was very beautiful. We camped in Elmdale. 

Route: Highway 50 East

Day 30: 52.4 Miles: Kansas:We started near Elmdale. It was hot and humid with extremely high temperatures in the high 90’s. It was very windy. The road passed through farms, fields and pastures and went up and down rolling hills. It was a gorgeous day. We finished in Waverly. We camped in Eisenhower State Park, twenty miles off of interstate.

Route: Highway 50 to I-35 at the 335 split to Old Highway 50(also 160). 

Day 31: 52.8 Miles: Kansas:We started in Waverly, Kansas. The weather was hot, humid and sunny again. Temperatures were in the high 90’s. The roads wound through the countryside and the view was breathtaking. There were much steeper hills today. We finished in Louisburg, Kansas but camped in Hillsdale State Park about ten miles back.
Route: Old Highway 50 to State Road 68.

Day 32: June 1: Kansas/Missouri: 54.3 miles:We started at Hillsdale, Kansas. It was a day of three H’s: heat, humidity and hills. It was very hot and sticky with a few white puffy clouds. We crossed into Missouri and continued on country roads winding through farms. We ended in Holden, Missouri and camped in a city parking lot. There were thunderstorms all night.
Route: SR 68 East to Route 2 East to 131 North