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41-43 Indiana

41-43 Indiana

  • Author: Stu Mittleman
  • Date Posted: Sep 28, 2013
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Day 41: June 10: Indiana: 52.4 miles:The day began with partially cloudy skies and a cool breeze. There was a thundershower late in the afternoon that forced Stu to seek shelter in the motor coach and produced sauna like conditions after it passed. It sprinkled on and off after that. It was hot and humid. The road conditions were good with not too much traffic.
Route: SR 28 East

 Day 42: June 11: Indiana: 52.4 miles:We started the day just west of Frankfort. We started the day with a very small shoulder and heavy traffic but as the day went on the shoulder widened and the traffic decreased. It became very peaceful and pleasant. It was cloudy all day and finally in the afternoon there were some thundershowers. We ended the day near Alexandria on Highway 28.
Route: Highway 28 East

Day 43: June 12: Indiana/Ohio: 54 miles:We started the day near Alexandria, Indidana on Highway 28. For part of the day there was a very wide shoulder. Once we reached 571 the shoulder was narrow and the traffic was extremely heavy and close to Stu. It rained on and off throughout the afternoon but Stu missed most of it. We ended the day in Greenville, OH.

Route: Highway 28 to I-35 to Highway 28 to 571