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Excerpt from Stu’s Diary

“Journey Across America” a crusade for kids
Day 13/May 13 Saturday 2000

“The reality of it is that all I can do is handle the givens of each situation and do my best to try and correct the things that are not working. I think one of the lessons I am learning now, and one of the lessons that is clear by doing something like this is that you don’t worry about what hasn’t come. The focus and power come from dealing with the exigencies around you and moving forward. Always moving forward. This inspires and I am glad.”

“Most importantly, understanding that the human body and mind is so incredible and has so much power regardless of one’s age and knowledge base, there’s always something more you can do. There is always the opportunity for the extraordinary. If only we take the chance and commit wholeheartedly to everything and anything we decide to do. Another thought I had today finishing up the run was conviction. Conviction of the heart and believing in something and doing whatever it takes to follow that conviction to its conclusion. If to run 3,200 miles across America inspires one parent to take a jog, or take their kids out to play, or encourages healthy eating habits, or gets involved with a childhood charity, or volunteering time, or simply donating money to a cause that works towards the health and well being of children, then this journey is successful beyond belief. It’s these thoughts that keep me going right now.”

Stu Mittleman
658.4 miles into the “Journey Across America”