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Day 6

Day’s 6 – 50.0 Miles & Day 7 – 50.4 Miles
(May 6 & 7, 2000)

This Post will be different from the previous 5 days.


When I finally received the scanned version of the hard copy transcript of the 57-day Journey Across America last week, I was told that there were eight missing days. My initial thought was that if I knew which of the 57 days were not part of the audio diary, I might begin to understand why they were missing. I was curious as to what was the context of the missing days. For instance: What happened the day before? Well, there may be some conclusions to draw from the fact that the first two missing days occurred on days 6 and 7, the two days following Greg’s departure.


The productivity of day 6 & 7 was good – we covered 50 and 50.4 miles respectively. I’m just not sure if the original audio cassettes were lost or never recorded. I just don’t know.


What might be helpful is to understand the process I am using to communicate the Journal-of-the-Journey to all of you. I had no idea what was in the transcript having not reviewed its contents since I received it at the end of the Journey in June of 2000. In essence, both you – the reader – and I are experiencing and reliving the day-by-day of the 57-day run for the first time. Each day, I review what is a verbal stream-of-consciousness expression onto an audio cassette, and then I do my best to transform these verbal expressions into essay form. As I do this, memories are triggered of events I haven’t thought about for decades – or even remembered. For instance, I was fascinated about the story of crisscrossing the California Interstate and the sand dunes as we headed into Yuma. I hadn’t thought about that or even remembered doing it, until I read that part of the transcript earlier this week. The back-and-forth crossing was actually done on an overpass from sand dunes on the right, to sand dunes on the left, and then back again. Both you and I are – in real time and simultaneously – discovering what happened and, will eventually learn what lies ahead. I know I can’t wait find out. We are, truly, on the Journey together.

What I am getting out of reliving the Journey again with all of you can be broken down into these three themes:


  1. Taking on a seemingly unsurmountable task – even without the certainty of success – can still generate positive outcomes if the driving force behind it is genuine and heartfelt. The outcomes may be unforeseen and unexpected, but valuable nonetheless.


  1. The greatest achievements are the result of cooperative action not individual will. Bringing others along to share in your vision and participate with you is exponentially more powerful than trying to go it alone.


  1. There are no coincidences. As we continue to navigate through a

new world order caused by a viral pandemic, we all have an opportunity to discover what is truly important to each of us. For me, the current state in which we find ourselves, sheltered-at-home and physically distant, is an opportunity. I mentioned to my sister, Jan, that the transcript to the Journey has been sitting on my office shelve for 20-years, and I still had not read past the cover page. And now, 20 years later I have an opportunity to relive it, and learn from it. I would not have done this with the day-to-day commitments I had pre-shut down. Jan simply said that what is happening to me is not only happening to many others, it’s also happening on a planetary level. This global “pause” is allowing skies to brighten and oceans to clear – and people to come to terms with what is truly important. Bill Gates has called the COVID-19 pandemic a “correction” – not a “crisis”. I am tending to agree with him.


With that said, I will leave you with the “Posts” that the chronicler of the Journey – Laura Jenkins – posted on the website back in 2000 for days 6 & 7. I will resume with sharing my personal diary on day 8. I can’t wait to find out what I had to say.


Day 6 (May 6, 2000) – 50.0 miles


We left from Tacna AZ. It was the first day without Greg. There was virtually no traffic all day. There were some minor clouds and it wasn’t as hot as the last couple days. Early in the day we went through a pass in Mohawk, otherwise it was 9 hours of gradual uphill slope. We got back on the Interstate 8 expressway again, where there were dust storms with sand whipping across the road. By 6:15 the wind had not let up much. We finished near Sentinel, AZ.