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Day 27


Day 27 (May 27, 2000) – 56.2 miles


As mentioned in my post on Thursday, May 7 2020, I knew from the outset of this endeavor that there were eight missing days in the written transcript of the Journey. Not only did I not know which days were not transcribed, I still don’t know if I hadn’t made audio recordings on those days, or if the original recordings “went missing”. There are three more of these missing days: Today, May 27, 2000 – as well as Day 27 & Day 52.

What I do know now is that the previous day – Day 26 – got off to a slow start in the morning, after a lightning storm kept us up late. The day was eventful for a number of positive developments: 1) Larry returned to the crew; 2) The opportunity to get a chiropractic treatment along the route in Bucklin, by Dr. Lane; 3) The first shipment of running shoes arrived from Brown’s Catalog; 4) The NJ Devils won the NHL Eastern Conference Championship and were moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Other than some lingering lethargy and fatigue towards the end of the day, there were no significant complications during Day 26.

What do I know now about Day 27? Day 27 ended up being the third highest daily mileage total during the Journey, exceeded only by 57.8-miles on the 20th day and the 57.1-miles on the 50th day. Perhaps, on Day 27, we all just made a concerted effort to concentrate on getting the job done. There were some contributing factors that might lead to that conclusion. We decided to change our end-of-day routine the night before, and it was Larry’s first full day back on the crew. Other than that, I don’t know if a recording was made on that day or not. All we are left with, for now, is Laura’s original post (see below), made the night of May 27, 2000.

Before closing, I do want to confirm that all my daily Facebook posts reflect the real-time recordings made while I was on the road during the Journey Across America, back in 2000. They are not based upon my recollections of what happed 20 years ago; they are my daily account of what actually happened each day as I was running across the United States. The truth is I had very little memory of the day-to-day events that occurred from May 1, 2000 – June 27, 2000. As I began reviewing the transcript for the first time on May 1, 2020, I was amazed how much of what I was reading had receded from my memory, only to be brought back-to-life by the transcript. While I have done my best to transform 20-year-old stream of consciousness utterances into a cassette recorder while walking, jogging, and running 14-hours-a-day for 57 consecutive days into a (hopefully) coherent narrative, I can attest that what happened, actually happened. I may have cleaned things up a bit – in term of specific words used, or the order in which I presented the events on any particular day – but what you (and I) are reading is an accurate portrayal of what each day was like.


Laura’s Original Post

May 27, 2000


After the thunderstorm the night before, it was another beautiful morning. The elevation was only 1880 feet. By afternoon, a crosswind picked up, but soon died off. There were some threats of rain. The terrain was level. At 25 miles, we turned onto Highway 61 at Pratt, KS. It was the most beautiful day we’ve had thus far. We finished near Arlington, KS. We were on Highway 54 east, until we turned on to Highway 61.