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Daily Mileage

(starting May 1st, 2000)

 Day Where/Details Distance Total Distance
1 Started at Solana Beach. It was beautiful weather, mostly getting out of civilization. Much of the day was uphill. We slept in the parking lot of the Julian Pie Co. in San Ysabel.  53.3  53.3
2 Started 7.4 miles west of San Ysabel. The roads were hilly and mostly downhill, very windy. We slept at Agua Caliente Park. 52.4  105.7
3 Started in Agua Cliente State Park. In the morning it was 103 degrees with 10% humidity and not a cloud in the sky. The tempurature was hot with a headwind. We finished in Calexico 52.4 158.1
4 Started on Heber ave in Calexico with a tailwind. It was one hundred degrees plus all day. We hit our first expresswaywith a newly paved shoulder. The heat was so bad Stu said it was worse than the desert. The land was flat with some rolling hills in Sand Dune National Park. We stayed the nite in Winterhaven, CA.  51.8 209.9
5 Left from Winterhaven. It was Greg ( Stu’s chiropractor) last nite so it was a short day. We crossed into AZ at 7:12 am . It was the hottest May in years with a 72 degree sunrise. It was 100 degrees plus again. The land was flat and we saw the first clouds of the trip. We finished near Tacna, AZ. 47.0 256.9
6 Left from Tacna AZ. It was the first day without Greg. There was virtually no traffic all day. There were some minor clouds and it wasn’t as hot as the last couple days. Early in the day we went through a pass in Mowhawk, otherwise it was 9 hours of gradual uphill slope. We got back on I8 expressway again with dust storms whipping sand across the road. By 6:15 the wind had not let up much. We finished near Sentinel, AZ.  50.0  306.9
7 Started in Sentinel, AZ. Stu and Ray talked with Larry Woolley about a possible route change at Globe, AZ. We were still on I8, still hot, and still truckin’. There was a gradual uphill slope and the sidewinds were gusty. The cactus and shrubbery were getting larger because of the higher altitude. There were foothills and distant mountains. At 6:45 a tailwind picked up and we stopped just before Casa Grande. 50.4 357.3
8 We started just before Casa Grande. We finally got off I8 ans turned onto Rte 84. There was a lot of blowing dust. Still deciding on origional route or taking a more southern route through the Apache reservation. It was less hot-only 90!!! With a strong tailwind. By midday we were at an elevation of 1400 ft at Casa Grande. By afternoon we could see the rockies. Very small shoulders and a lot of traffic so Stu ran on dusty parrallel farm roads all afternoon. We stayed in Coolidge, AZ where Mel Johnson the massage therapist visited us that nite from Mesa.  50.3 407.7
8 We started from the Indian Skies RV Park. It was the worst traffic so far and no shoulders on the roads. AZ has a lot of dirt, dust, cops, and ants. The tempurature was 98 degrees and we had the first real uphull climb in days that lasted 16.5 miles. By 22 miles we approached a solid wall of mountains, but then turned east and parralleled them. A state trooper and ex-runner helped us decide on the southern route- 36 miles longer but less treacherous hills. We stayed just east of Superior, AZ in the mountains at 2888 ft. 50.0 457.7
10 We started in the mountains just past Superior. It was very cold that day. We were at 4600 ft 1 mile into the day ; in 10 miles we had gained 1712 ft in elevation. It was a “little victory” for Stu going through that montain section. We went through Globe and stopped at Hicks chiropractor to see Dr. Halcolmb for an adjustment. We went through the San Carlo reservation and stayed at a rest area. 50.5 508.2
11 We started at the San Carlo Apache reservation. The course was flat with the srongest tail and side winds to date. We stopped before Safford, AZ 50.0 558.2
12 Stu’s birthday. Started at 5:20 am, the earliest start so far. There was an early chill and cloud cover, but that burnt off over the day. Stu went to Dr. Boren of Boren Chiropractic for an adjustment in Safford, AZ. The course was straight, meandering through some low hills. By the afternoon the course wasa windy hilly 2 lane road with 1 foot shoulders. There were long uphill switchbacks, the hardest, but Stu ran his strongest. We ended just past the NM state line at Mule Creek. We camped in Jila National Forest, AZ. 50.0 608.2
13 We started just east of the NM state line. It was the coldest mroning so far. Stu bundled up in every piece of clothing he owned. The road was a ribbon in the wind: up and down up and down. There was no traffic. Going north on 180, the Woolleys and Bill Sweet joined us to camp. We climbed up to Saliz pass at 6436 ft. It got dark early and and we finished early at Cottonwood Camp at Apache National Res. 50.0 658.2
14 We left in the morning from Cottonwood Camp. It was a lot of uphill terrain. We passed the continental divide at 7312 ft. After that it was a perfect day. It was a long straight downhill, cloud cover, tailwind, and a 4 ft shoulder. We slept on a pulloff just before Horse Springs, NM 50.0 708.2
15 Leaving Horse Springs in the morning we saw elk. There was achill in the air and some good clouds and that made for good running conditions. There were uphill rolling hills. Later in the day the winds got up to 25-35 mph. Stu was wishing for a hill to shield him. We stopped just west of Magdelena at 6548 ft. 54.5 762.7
16 Left toward Magdelena. There was a cloud cover and chill just like the day before. Stu saw his first snake and got his first headwind. Stu said he felt like he was running with weights on. We dropped into a Valley in the afternoon. Going through Socorro, Stu had interviews and Ivan Gati and Herb Ross came when we were on I25. 52.5 815.2
17 Stu tried some new shoes for 8/10 of a mile and went back to his old ones. We got off I5 at 10 miles to go back to route 60. We crossed the Rio Grande, and Stu got attacked by puppies. We were in flat desert in high elevation. In the afternoon there were hills and 35mph winds. We finished just past Mountainair, NM at 6495 ft 51 866.2
18 In the morning it was 48 degrees. There was a lot of straight downhill. The elevation was 6400 ft. We were on open plains with stunted shrubs. At the end of the day there were very gusty headwinds. We finished near Vaughn, NM, elevation 6280. Route: Highway 60 East 52  918.2 
 19 We started before 6:00am in Vaughn. It was the coldest start so far. The forecast called for highs of 78 degrees and a chance of rain. The terrain consisted of rolling hills. We had storm clouds all around us and had a few sprinkles. We finished near Santa Rosa at the beginning of I-40.
Route: Highway 60 East to Highway 54 East to I-40 East
 53.2  971.4
20 We were on I-40 all day. Stu ran his hardest to get off the expressway because of the horrible traffic. It wasn’t as cold because we were 1400 ft lower than before. The course was rolling expressway and lots of pebbles in Stu’s shoes. At 50 miles we exited to Tucumcari on a quiet back road. We finished near Tucumcari, NM. Route: I-40 East 57.8 1029.2
21 We started near Tucumcari on a totally cloudless morning. The terrain was gently rolling downhill. We entered the Central Time Zone. The Texas border was at 48 miles. We camped by the Texas border. Route: I-40 East to Highway 54 East 50 1079.2
22 Our 1st Texas morning was chilly and it was windy all day. There were nice wide shoulders. The plant life was flowering. There were seas of cattle on the ranches and the smell was horrible. The temperature was in the low 90’s. Stu saw a chiropractor and we camped in Dalhart, TX. Route: Highway 54 East 50  1129.2
23 The start was 62 degrees, but felt chillier because of the morning breeze on the Great Plains. We crossed into Oklahoma at 39 miles. We passed through Texhoma and camped north of there. Route: Highway 54 East  52.4  1181.6
 24 The weather called for showers early in the day. The roads were long and straight with lots of steep hills. Stu ran on parallel dirt roads to stay away from traffic. In the afternoon there was a headwind. We crossed into Kansas, our 6th state, at 42 miles. The uphill and headwinds didn’t let up the rest of the day. We finished in Liberal, Kansas.
Route: Highway 54 East
51.5 1233.1
25 The morning brought headwinds and a cloud cover. It was about 20 degrees cooler than the last few days. The headwind turned into a cross-tailwind. At about 6:30pm a tornado watch went into effect. The road was flat. We finished near Minneola, KS and camped there. Route: Highway 54 East 53.8  1286.9
26 The morning had no breeze or clouds after a huge lightening storm the night before. It was a beautiful day with a nice tailwind. Some white puffy clouds developed. There were long up and down rolling sections in the roads. We heard another tornado watch. It started to cool off about 7:30 pm. We finished near Brenham, KS. Route: Highway 54 East  50 1336.9
27 After the thunderstorm the night before it was another beautiful morning. The elevation was only 1880 feet. By afternoon a crosswind picked up but soon died off. There were some threats of rain. The terrain was level. At 25 miles we tuned to Hwy 61 at Pratt, KS and it was the most beautiful day we’ve had so far. We finished near Arlington, KS.Route: Highway 54 East to Highway 61 56.2  1393.1
28 Started near Arlington, KS. It warmed up fast in the morning and there were clear skies. The road was a beautiful quiet country road with no hills to speak of. Downtown Newton was beautiful on Memorial Day and we camped East Lake Park with picnickers.
Route: Highway 61 to Highway 50 East
55 1448.1
29 The temperature was in the 90’s. It was very humid. There was little traffic due to Memorial Day. We traveled the same quiet meandering country roads all day. It was very beautiful. We camped in Elmdale.
Route: Highway 50 East
52 1500.1
30 We started near Elmdale. It was hot and humid with extremely high temperatures in the high 90’s. It was very windy. The road passed through farms, fields and pastures and went up and down rolling hills. It was a gorgeous day. We finished in Waverly. We camped in Eisenhower State Park, twenty miles off of interstate. Route:
Highway 50 to I-35 at the 335 split to Old Highway 50(also 160).
52.4 1552.5
31 We started in Waverly, Kansas. The weather was hot, humid and sunny again. Temperatures were in the high 90’s. The roads wound through the countryside and the view was breathtaking. There were much steeper hills today. We finished in Louisburg, Kansas but camped in Hillsdale State Park about ten miles back.
Route: Old Highway 50 to State Road 68.
52.8 1605.3
32 We started at Hillsdale, Kansas. It was a day of three H’s: heat, humidity and hills. It was very hot and sticky with a few white puffy clouds. We crossed into Missouri and continued on country roads winding through farms. We ended in Holden, Missouri and camped in a city parking lot. There were thunderstorms all night.
Route: SR 68 East to Route 2 East to 131 North
54.3 1659.6
33 We started in Holden. It was drizzling when we woke up and it stayed cool and cloudy most of the day. This day had the best running conditions so far, regarding the weather. Most of the day there was no shoulder and what there was was very gravely. There were steep rolling hills. They were the most severe hills in the past few days. At the beginning of Route 24, there was a wide asphalt shoulder and it was flat for a few miles. We finished in west of Waverly.
Route: 131 North to Highway 24 East
53.2 1712.8
34 We started just West of Waverly. It was a beautiful morning with a cloudless sky and bright sun. We crossed the Missouri River this morning. It was spectacular. The day was mild with pleasant temperatures. There was moderate wind with varying degrees of headwinds. The evening was cool and clear. Stu described it as “What I live for as a runner.” The road was flat with a wide shoulder made up of half cracked asphalt and half gravel. We stopped just past Salisbury. Route: Highway 24 East 55 1767.8
35 We started just past Salisbury. There were threatening skies all day. Finally the thunderstorms hit and about 5:30 Stu had to seek shelter. Following the thunderstorm was a beautiful rainbow. It rained on and off for the rest of the night and temperatures dropped considerably. There was not much wind. The road had a wide shoulder and was accommodating. We stopped for the night in Stoutsville 53.1 1820.9
36 We started in Stoutsville, MO. The morning was overcast with blustery head winds. The temperature was I n the 50’s. The road was flat with a wide shoulder. In the afternoon we hit headwinds again and had to climb quite a few steep hills. Then we got back on a divided four-lane highway, which was flat. We crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois on a bridge with no shoulder. Highway 24 into Illinois was the worst road so far. There was hardly any shoulder and it was gravel. We finished in Quincy, IL.
Route: Highway 36 East to County Rd. E North to County Rd. F East to Highway 24
54.3 1875.2
37 We began in Quincy, IL. The morning was cool with temperatures in the high 40’s. The afternoon was mild and sunny with some wispy clouds. The road conditions were pretty bad. There was only a 9″ shoulder that dropped off into a gravel run off. In the evening the shoulder increased to about two feet but only for three miles. We ended on the turnoff to Ray, IL. Route: Highway 24 53.1 1928.3
38 We began near Ray, Illinois. Highway 24 had an eight inch shoulder. Highway 136 had a flat asphalt one foot shoulder and a lot less traffic. It was sunny with a light breeze and mild temperatures. We ended for the night just east of San Jose.
Route: Highway 24 to Highway 136 East
53.2 1980.5
39 We began just east of San Jose, IL. The shoulder widened in the middle of the day. It was the best shoulder in the last few days. It was a sunny day with a southerly breeze from behind. The temperature was warm but comfortable. Stu ran over 2,000 miles today! We ended on Highway 136 just west of Fisher, IL. Route: Highway 136 East 52.4 2032.9
40 We started six miles west of Fisher, Illinois at the intersection of 136 and 54. The day was hot and humid but there were good running conditions. It was sunny with a breeze. The shoulder varied through out the day but it was a great improvement from the last couple days. As the day went on and we moved onto State Road 119 the traffic decreased significantly. We finished the day at the Illinois/Indiana border line.
Route: Highway 136 East to 119
55.0 2087.9
41 The day began with partially cloudy skies and a cool breeze. There was a thundershower late in the afternoon that forced Stu to seek shelter in the motor coach and produced sauna like conditions after it passed. It sprinkled on and off after that. It was hot and humid. The road conditions were good with not too much traffic.
Route: SR 28 East
52.4 2140.3
42 We started the day just west of Frankfort. We started the day with a very small shoulder and heavy traffic but as the day went on the shoulder widened and the traffic decreased. It became very peaceful and pleasant. It was cloudy all day and finally in the afternoon there were some thundershowers. We ended the day near Alexandria on Highway 28.
Route: Highway 28 East
52.4 2192.7
43 We started the day near Alexandria, Indidana on Highway 28. For part of the day there was a very wide shoulder. Once we reached 571 the shoulder was narrow and the traffic was extremely heavy and close to Stu. It rained on and off throughout the afternoon but Stu missed most of it. We ended the day in Greenville, OH.
Route: Highway 28 to I-35 to Highway 28 to 571
54 2246.7
44 We began the day Greenville, Ohio. The traffic has been heavy today. There is little shoulder on this route and a lot of big trucks that blow Stu’s hat off as they pass. On 36 there was a detour where Stu and his handler Bezzie had to separate to avoid adding miles. It was overcast most of the day with threatening skies in the afternoon but Stu was only caught in one shower. There was a crosswind. It was hot and humid all day with a sort of sauna effect from the rain. We ended the day in Urbana, OH.
Route: Highway 36 East
53.1 2299.8
45 We began in Urbana, Ohio. The morning was better for weather. However, in the afternoon, there were two severe thunderstorms with high gusty winds. The second one occurred as Stu was running through Columbus, Ohio. He enjoyed running in the rain, describing it as fun and rejuvenating. Road conditions were mostly good. There were three miles of gravel shoulder. There were side walks to run on along Broad Street in Columbus. We ended on the East side of Columbus.
Route. Route 29 to Highway 40 East
54.1 2353.9
46 We began the day east of Columbus, Ohio. The skies were overcast and threatening. We got some afternoon showers with a lot of thunder but no really bad weather. Once again it was very humid but not quite as hot. Highway 40 is a four lane divided highway with a wide shoulder, about four feet. Today there were some hills. We ended the day east of Zanesville, OH.
Route: Highway 40 East
52.3 2406.2
47 We began the day in Zanesville, Ohio. Once we got off Highway 40 the roads were narrow with no shoulder and grueling hills. They were beginning to hit the mountains. The skies were overcast and threatening all day until the evening brought severe thunderstorms. We finished the day in Bethesda, Ohio.
Route: Highway 40 to SR 265 to SR 147
51.0 2457.2
48 We began the day in Bethesda, Ohio. It was an overcast morning with cooler temperatures. The afternoon was perfect for running. There were cool temperatures, mist and a few afternoon rain storms. The scenery was beautiful along the road that ran through the Pennsylvania mountains. There were severe hills and little shoulders. We ended the day in Washington, Pennsylvania.
Route: SR 147 to SR149 to Highway 40 East
53.0 2510.2
49 We began the day in Washington, Pennsylvania. We are winding through the mountains and are dealing with some very severe inclines. The morning was overcast and misty. In the evening we had three to four hours of heavy downpours. It became cool and the mist and fog returned. We ended the day near Laurel Hill, Pennsylvania.
Route: Highway 40 E to Route 136 to Route 31
53.0 2563.2
50 We began the day near Laurel Hill, Pennsylvania. The roads go straight up and down the mountains with no switchbacks. There are grades as steep at 13%. Most of the roads have little or no shoulder and seem to go up forever. It was a cool day with morning temperatures in the high forties or low fifties. It was foggy and misty. Good running conditions. We stopped for the night in Bedford, Pennsylvania.
Route: Route 31 to Route 281 to Highway 30
57.1 2620.3
51 We began the day in Bedford, Pennsylvania. The day was beautiful. It was sunny and warm. I had four major climbs today. Two of which I did not know about. After the climbs I was back to gentle hills. The day ended quietly in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Route: Highway 30 to SR 234
56.0 2676.3
52 We started in Chambersburg, PA. There were some hills but not as severe and not as many as the past few days. There was heavy traffic, lots of trucks. The highway was under construction and the shoulder was bad surface with uneven gravel. There was a severe thunderstorm with lots of lightning. We ended in York, PA.
Route: Highway 30 to Route 234
54.0 2730.3
53 We began in York, PA. The highway wound through the Pennsylvania countryside. We passed through Gettysburg and Amish country. It was fun to see all the buggies and farms. There were some drizzles but no bad storms. We finished the day in Coatesville, PA.
Route: Route 234 to Route 340 East.
54.5 2784.8
54 We began the day in Bedford, Pennsylvania. The day was beautiful. It was sunny and warm. I had four major climbs today. Two of which I did not know about. After the climbs I was back to gentle hills. The day ended quietly in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Route: Highway 30 to SR 234
52.5 2837.2
55 We began the day 6.5miles west of New Hope, PA. The weather was beautiful. Traffic was light. Road conditions were good. He ran through New Brunswick and started getting into very urban areas. He stopped for the night on 27 just West of Elizabeth, NJ.
Route: 202 to 179 to 518 to 27
52.5 2889.7
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