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Charity Programs


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) introduced The Aubrey Fund For Pediatric Cancer Research at the 1997 New York City Marathon as an initiative to support continuing research and treatment of childhood cancer.
With the ambitious goal of raising ten million dollars in its first five years, The Aubrey Fund is well underway through the enormous efforts of its namesake and her family. Aubrey Adam Barr and her parents, Bruce and Parry Adam, have raised close to $400,000 to date as a result of their personal commitment to The Aubrey Fund. With all money targeted to pediatric cancer research, support is pouring in from enthusiastic donors touched and inspired by Aubrey’s story.

Diagnosed with leukemia in 1972, when the survival rate for children with the disease was just one in ten, Aubrey endured seven years of experimental treatment at MSKCC to emerge cancer-free. As a healthy adult, Aubrey discovered a love of running that today she uses as a fundraising vehicle for The Aubrey Fund. To date, she has completed nineteen marathons to support the ongoing research and treatment of pediatric cancer through the fund that bears her name.

Today, the survival rate for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common form of pediatric cancer, is 80% thanks in large part to the innovative research being conducted at MSKCC and made possible through funding by philanthropic ventures like The Aubrey Fund and Stu Mittleman’s Journey Across America. With continuing support, more children like the young Aubrey can win their battle against cancer.

MSKCC is a leader in defining the standard of care for cancer patients in this country and around the world. In July 1999, U.S. News & World Report named Memorial Sloan-Kettering the nation’s best cancer center for the seventh year in a row.

For more information about The Aubrey Fund, contact Suzanne Shay, MSKCC Special Projects & Development, at 800-876-7522.





Anthony Robbins, best-selling author and this nation’s leader in the field
of peak performance, created The Anthony Robbins Foundation in 1991 based on his belief that regardless of stature, only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy -true fulfillment.

The Anthony Robbins Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to
create a coalition of caring volunteers who have committed to consistently reach and assist people who are often forgotten by society. Specifically, The Foundation aggressively works to make a difference in the quality of life for children, homeless and the hungry, the disabled community, the prison population, and the elderly.

The Anthony Robbins Foundation is dedicated to providing the finest
resources for inspiration, education, training, and development for these
important members of our society.

Current Programs:

  • The Basket Brigade — an annual campaign to feed the hungry, has fed more than 1.8 million people since its inception in 400 cities in 17 countries. This year we will prepare enough baskets to feed 400,000 families, overseen and prepared by hundreds of teams of volunteers.
  • The Champions of Excellence – the 5th grade class from Houston whom were adopted in 1991 are now in their first year of college. Each of these students maintained a B average or above and have proved themselves exemplary citizens, contributing a total of 7,453 hours to their community to remain in our program. As young leaders who have set a positive example to their peers, The Foundation has provided each of them with a four-year college education.
  • More than 672 prisons are implementing Mr. Robbins’ Personal Power program including extensive programs now certified by the state.
  • The Foundation has donated more than 100,500 of Mr. Robbins’ book — Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, Notes from a Friend, and Unlimited Power: A Black Choice as well as Personal Power tapes – to health and human service non-profit organizations.
  • The Foundation issues scholarship awards to eligible community leaders for Anthony Robbins’ live events. The Scholarship Program ensures that community programs will continue to be developed by empowered activists.

Additional programs in development include the Youth Leadership Program, team mentoring, innovative media projects, increased corporate sponsorship, and partnerships with national service organizations.

For more information, contact Francine Di Blasi at The Anthony Robbins
Foundation, 800-554-0619 or go to their Web