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About Stu Mittleman

stu2Stu Mittleman is one of America’s most well known fitness educators and endurance athletes. Stu’s company, WorldUltrafit™, provides coaching, consulting, fitness evaluation, and personal training services to a wide variety of businesses, teams, and individuals. His uniquely effective training technologies have empowered clients to take charge of their fitness and health and begin moving into physical mastery with dramatic results.

Stu’s phenomenal career spans three decades and includes world record setting performances in ultra distance running and international recognition as a top personal trainer and fitness coach. He is also a highly inspirational public speaker and seminar leader. His list of clients includes actor Billy Baldwin, model Elle Macpherson and peak performance expert Anthony Robbins.

Stu is a pioneer in the world of fitness training. He was one of the first fitness
stu4directors in the nation with the vision to bring world class metabolic testing procedures into health and fitness clubs. In 1990, he founded and directed the Fitness Evaluation Center (FEC) in New York City and, three years later, designed and directed the physiology lab at Equinox, New York City’s most successful sports club. In an effort to reach a broader market with his health and fitness strategies, Stu created WorldUltrafit™ in 1995.

In 1986 Stu set a world record for the 1000-Mile Run, covering the distance in 11 days. He currently holds the US record for The Six Day Run: 578 miles (96 miles a day!) In 1994, Stu became the first and only American ever to win the prestigious 6-day race in La Rochelle, France. He has appeared on ABC News’ Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CBS Sports Saturday, the CBS Evening News, Good Day New York, ESPN, and CNN.

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1,000 Mile
World Champion
1,000 Mile Run Queens, NY
New World Record
11 days 20 hours 36 min. 56 sec.
April 26-May 8, 1986

National Champion
and American Record Holder
100 Mile Run 

1980, 1981, 1982
3 Consecutive American Records
12 hrs 56 mins 34 secs June 6, 1982

American Record Holder 
6-Day Race Boulder, CO 577.75 miles
Dec 27, 1984 – Jan 2, 1985

World Indoor Six-day Race Championships 
1994 first place: 536 miles
1983 second place: 571 miles
La Rochelle, France

Ultramarathoner of The Year
NY Road Runners Club
1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1993

Ultra-Performance of The Year
Ultrarunning Magazine
1982, 1985, 1986

Metropolitan Athletics Congress
(MAC) 50-Mile Champion
(1981, 1987, 1993)
Central Park, NYC
First Multiple Winner in 22 year
history of the Event
best time: 5 hours 24 min (1981)

Long Distance Championship of The World
The New Astley Belt 6-Day Race
San Diego, CA (1985)
first place: 534 miles

Ultraman Endurance Triathlon
Kona, Hawaii Dec 29 -31, 1983
6 mi Swim/ 235 mi Bike/52.4 mi Run
place: 2nd
Overall Time: 23 hrs 31 min 29 sec

Ironman World Triathlon Championship 
Kona, Hawaii Sept 1983
1.2 mi Swim/ 112 mi Bike/26.2 mi Run
place: 73rd out of 1000
Time: 11 hours 8 Minutes

Hall of Fame
1986 ESPN’s Running and Racing

Sports Illustrated Award
Faces in the Crowd (1980, 1982)

(his personal website)


“Stu Mittleman demonstrates that by understanding how to condition both the mind and body, one can produce results. I copied his strategy and got into excellent shape.”
Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within
“…one session with you has made an immeasurable effect on my over all life. I love the confidence that having been trained by the best in the world gives me. Your keeping in touch with the Ultrafit Newsletter has now probably changed my life so dramatically that no dollar amount would be able to equal the benefit. I cannot say enough about the advantages of having been exposed to you and then you sharing so much with me through your Ultrafit Newsletter and tape program.”
Kenneth C. Knudsen, President Sybaris Hotels
“Stu Mittleman’s Running Program has enabled me to burn fat and keep it off, increase my energy and stamina, and have more self-confidence than ever before. The lessons I learned from this course have enabled me to nourish and support my body in a way that promotes optimal health, while maintaining a consistent training regimen.”
Scott Duffy, San Francisco, CA
“I want to personally thank you for all your help in coaching and mentoring me in accomplishing my goal in running a Marathon. You were a consistent positive reinforcement and gave me a solid training plan that paid off tremendously.”
David K. Sanderson, Sales Executive, Charlotte, NC
“Thank you for your kindness and encouragement, and the special gifts you have shared with us. I am excited about increasing my endurance at a lower heart rate and grateful for your tapes and coaching. You are truly down-to-earth, congruent, and informative.”
Pamela Theonnessen, Educator, Chatham, NJ
“Thanks to your conditioning program and the influence that it had on my self-discipline. I couldn’t believe the incredible feeling I had for the first 20 miles. The marathon was a spectacular event and I certainly thought about all of the strategies on your tapes. One of the key phrases that is now a part of my life, I appreciate completely…’Life is an endurance event’…and definitely for the distance.”
Tom Crais, M.D. F.A.C.S. Mandeville, LA
“The longer you listen the more you want to hear about his opinions on human potential, nutrition and training. You see, Mittleman is America’s best ultramarathoner and one of the top personal trainers.”
Metrosport Magazine
“The best American Ultramarathoner”
Sports Illustrated
“Stu Mittleman is passionate about the importance of right thinking and good technique, and he knows whereof he speaks.”
“One of the country’s finest coaches.”
Outside Magazine
“Whether as an athlete or, now, as a successful entrepreneur, Mittleman knows about endurance.”
Success Magazine
(his personal website)

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